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Founders of Geometric Calculus

Foundations of modern Geometric Algebra and Geometric Calculus were laid down by Prof. David Hestenes and Dr. Garret Sobczyk 50 years ago. In this post, I interview Dr. Garret Sobczyk who tells us about his fascinating life journey with Prof. Hestenes. Their journey eventually inspired many researchers to follow their lead in learning, developing, and applying Geometric Algebra and Geometric Calculus to many fields of science.

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Geometric Algebra: Ascension of the Mind

I discovered Geometric Algebra (GA) back in 2003 and it caught my attention immediately. In my whole life as a student, engineer, researcher, and teacher I’ve never met a symbolic mathematical system so beautifully close to geometric abstractions. In this post, I try to explain how Geometric Algebra can express, unify, and generalize many geometric abstractions we use as engineers and computer scientists.

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